Creative Canes - $12.99

    Silver & Stones - $12.99
Jewelry ImageTransfers
projects! $4 per sheet or
$15 for a complete set of 7
image sheets.
illustrating shape   


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Frame Stamps
9 designs
"good" art. This includes a lot of book study, which I strongly recommend.
It also includes endless hours experimenting with materials and watching
gallery exhibits, search websites and get as much information at your
disposal that is possible. Many new ideas come from cross-referencing
media and products.

Having access to the right product is key.  Most of my products are
starting points, designed  for you to experience a successful result and
further expand on a design concept. To me the product is the tool, but
you are the creative genius!

New Designs -- The stamp
Design Sheets are great for use with resin
beads, polymer clay, ceramic and metal clay.
Bead Prints measure 4x6"
and are deeply etched, perfect for making deep impressions into clay or
clean lines in fabric stamping. We have just begun to develop
, larger format designs for painting and pottery. Designs include
architectural  columns, corbels, cornices and  classic spirals.
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Another exciting new product is Build a Bird - an "outline" type stamp
that creates a frame in the clay. The way these stamps work, you can add
your own design, either stamped or patterned to the inside of the frame.
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