Art Clay Silver Donuts!
Stamping, firing, finishing 99% silver
Cross Shaped Pins & Pendants
Stamping, shaping, punching, firing and
finishing silver clay
Charmed Earrings
Stamping, shaping, punching, firing and
finishing silver clay
Stamped Collage Pins & Pendants
Stamping, collage, stacked layering
Embedded Beads
Bead forms, capped finishes
Cane Class
Tips & tricks for  shading and line
Transfer Matchbox Pendants
Color transfer, covering materials
Clay on Canvas Portraits
Multi media composition & design
Mokume Gane Earrings
Color stacks and effective Impressions
Dream Dolls
Faux stone, antique finishing, molding
Caged Beads
Sterling wire wrap
Translucent medallions
Sterling slide, translucent tinting
I have been painting since I was 13 years old - so this year I have begun to offer opportunities for
students to learn to 'Paint' with everything from oil and acrylic to wax to polymer to papers and
offered in a group is encautic - all other classes are private by appointment.
Encaustic is hot! (litterally - and Pun intended!)
Working with wax is centuries old but modern interpretation has made it easy for individuals to
develop personal style. After moving to North Carolina in 2012, I wanted to do something that really
honored the beautiful nature here, so I began to paint wildflowers with beeswax. Another favorite
is the heart - an opportunity for colors to explode!

*Classes are negotiable due to complexity of material presented, materials included and location. If
you are hosting a class, please make sure extension cords are available and circuits can accomodate
heat appliances.

NOTE:  Classes include panels and frames may be abvilable for additional purchase.

AND ...Students should supply beeswax, a 6 cup muffin tin, a heat gun, a set of oil pastels (I prefer
'Portfolio' brand by Caryola - make sure you have a white oil pastel. Also bring several cheap flat
bristle brushes. (1) 1/4", (2) 1/2", (2) 1 inch and (1) 2" flat brushes.
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