2018 Classes and Galleries
(subject to change!)

One of a Kind Gallery OOAK Gallery, Micaville, NC
Odyssey Clayworks Clingman, RAD Asheville, NC
The Artisan's Market, Steamboat Springs, CO

Seeing Through Now
A Show of Collaborative Statement Jewelry
featuring Barbara McGuire
July 14th 4pm -8pm
in the studio of
Ka Amorastreya
Cotton Mill Bldg. in the Asheville RAD

Polymer Class at Good Fibrations
Every last Sunday and preceding Wednesday
of each month now through September
Registration though
(search classes from Barbara McGuire)

Shawl Pin Design in Polymer Clay – Metallic Effects
Wednesday June 20, 12-4pm & Sunday June 24, 12-4pm  
Button Design in Polymer Clay
Wednesday July 25, 12-4pm & Sunday July 29, 12-4pm  
Shawl Pin Design in Polymer Clay – Mandala Effects
Wednesday Aug. 22, 12-4pm & Sunday Aug. 26, 12-4pm  
Shawl Pin Design in Polymer Clay – Metallic Effects
Wednesday Sept. 26, 12-4pm & Sunday Sept. 30, 12-4pm

Handmade Component Bazaar - Facebook Group
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2017 Art Jewelry Adventure
2018 Polymer Clay Adventure
Exceptional video presentations
from over 20 artists for one price - $99!
It All Happens in the Heart of the Appalachian
Montains of Western North Carolina

Welcome to wonderful Mars Hill, located near
Asheville in Western North Carolina. It's a mecca of
small towns in these foothills and each spot has it's
own unique flavor. A visit is sure to heighten your
creative spirit!

It's a special time for me as I create space for new
adventures. But before that happens, I am taking the
opportunity to say Thank You to all my previous
students. The gratification of teaching is because of
you. It is your encouragement that keeps me teaching
and discovering new processes. But in addition I want
to say thank you to all that I have learned -
From You!

Private Classes Available for Evenings, Small Groups.
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    a short piece on "HOW TO TRANSFER IMAGES!"
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